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How to Make Your Own Paper Corner bookmark ?

Published Time:2016-03-17 Original Source:Paper bookmark printing company
How to Make Your Own Paper Corner bookmark ?
While reading your books, you may have to stop and take a rest and protect your eyesight during your reading. At this moment, you need a bookmark to remind you the reading progress later.
YellowPrinting here to show you how to make a super quick and easy bookmark.
Please let us know what you think about it.  
Here’s a traditional photo tutorial to show your how to make it step by step.
How To:
1. Score your 6 x 6” patterned paper at 3” rotate it 90° and score again at 3”
2. Score diagonally
3. Fold along the diagonal scored line to create a triangle (see picture)
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4. Flip it over and fold the lower triangle up (see picture)
corner bookmark 
5. Fold the left and right edges down and tuck them under the upfolded triangle (see picture)
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Your bookmark is done and you could stop here. But you can also go further on and dress it up a little bit more like I did here:
bookmarks for reader 
6. Ink the lower triangle and the edges with Distress ink and the blending tool (or a cosmetic sponge or whatever you have on hand)
7. Create a line of holes with your paper piecing tool around the edges to create the faux stitching
8. Draw lines with a white gel pen to create the faux thread
9. You could further dress it up by adding some little self-adhesive gemstones or some paper flowers or whatever you like.
And this is what it looks like when in use:
reading bookmark 
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anytime – just leave us a comment here or send us email..