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How To Make Your Personalized Business Card?

Published Time:2016-07-17 Original Source:Business Card Printing
How To Make Your Personalized Business Card?
Tired of keeping your own business card with the original white paper? 
DIY Business Card 
Here're some steps to show you how to make your colorful business card easily:
1. Prepare the materials first: eletric steam iron, water, color inks, chopsticks, rubber band, namecards, tissue.
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2. Use the rubber band to fasten the name cards with the chopsticks.
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3. Put the business cards into a cup of water in around 3 minutes.
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4. Dripping your favorite color inks on the business cards.
Colorful Business CardBusiness Card Printing Company 
5. Wipe away the extra water, then put your business cards on a piece of tissue to get them dry.Personalized Business CardBusiness Card Printing Factory yellowprinting.com
6. Use the electric steam iron to get them dry enough.
DIY Name Card 
7. Now you'll get your own colorful business cards. Is it beautiful?
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