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English & Chinese HS CODE for Printing Products

Published Time:2016-02-11 Original Source:Printing HS CODE
 English & Chinese HS CODE for Printing Products
HS CODE是《商品名称及编码协调制度》的简称。编码协调制度由国际海关理事会制定,英文名称为The Harmonization System Code (HS-Code),是对各种不同产品出入境应征/应退关税税率进行量化管理的制度。
HS CODE ENGLISH NAME                                                                                          Chinese Name
48200000 Articles of stationery, of paper or paperboard; albums for samples or for collections & book covers, of paper or paperboard 紙或紙板制的筆記本及其他文具用品
48201000 Registers, account books, order & receipt books, letter pads, memorandum pads, diaries & similar articles 帳本、筆記本、收據本、日記本及類似品
48202000 Exercise-books 練習本
48203000 Binders ( other than book covers ), folders & file covers, of paper or paperboard 紙或紙板制的活動封面、文件夾及卷宗皮
48204000 Manifold business forms & interleaved carbon sets 多聯商業表格紙、頁間夾有復寫紙的本
48205000 Albums for stamps or for collections, of paper or paperboard 紙或紙板制的樣品簿及粘貼簿
48209000 Blotting pads & other articles of stationery, book covers, of paper or paperboard 紙或紙板制的其他文具用品;書籍封面
84482010 Extruding nipples 噴絲頭
84482020 Extruding nipples or spinnerets 噴絲頭或噴絲板
84482090 Other parts & accessories of machines of heading 84.44 or of their auxiliary machinery 8444機器及其輔助機器的其他零件、附件
49110000 Other printed matter, incl. printed pictures and photographs 其他印刷品,包括印刷的圖片及照片:
49111010 Trade advertising material and the like, no commercial value 無商業價值的商業廣告品、商品目錄等印刷品
49111090 Other trade advertising material and the like 其他商業廣告品、商品目錄及類似印刷品
49119100 Pictures, designs & photographs 印刷的圖片、設計圖樣及照片
49119900 Other printed matter 其他印刷品
85249110 Other recorded media for reproducing phenomena other than sound or image, for educational use 教學用其他已錄制聲音或圖像以外資訊的其他媒體
49100000 Calendars of any kind, printed, incl. calendar blocks 印刷的各種日歷,包括日歷芯
48114010 Isulating paper, wax/paraffin/wax/oil..coatd,bleachd,w>150g/m2 用蠟、石蠟、硬脂精、油或甘油浸塗的絕緣紙
48114090 Other paper/paperboard,wax/parafn/wax/oil..coatd,bleachd,w>150g/m2 其他用蠟、石蠟、硬脂精、油或甘油浸塗的紙
48114100 Self-adhesive paper & paperboard, in rolls or rectangular sheets 成卷或成張矩形的任何尺寸的自粘膠粘紙
48114900 Gummed paper & paperboard (excl. self-adhesive), in rolls or rectangular sheets 成卷或成張矩形的其他膠粘紙及紙板