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Reading in the future: Will you choose Kindle or paper books for reading in future ?

Published Time:2015-11-26 Original Source:paper books reading

Reading in the future: Will you choose Kindle or paper books for reading in future ?


The digital library is closed by a boring system nowadays, however, you can share your printed paper books to others, this is a very pleasant thing for readers. But, what will happen next ?


Before 2007, most people read a paper book. However, the new technology had changed this habit, the first version Kindle came out in 2007, though it’s dull with a separated keyboard. It doesn’t belong to this era, but it looks like it’s brought here by a time machine. You can ignore it anymore, it has changed people’s reading habit.

 book reading

Our consuming methods on the media always change time by time. You cannot sense the smell of the paper while reading anymore. Instant reading online has replaced the paper media.


Books changes it’s material, like stone, wood, wax, silk, paper , metal, etc. Kindle also did that. Kindle is inspired and begins from the paper, but it makes the paper digital. It seems that it’s a reference book with magic. Just, you can never see the finishing, binding, printing ink on this kinds of books. And, you’ll buy the books on Amazon instead of the bookstore! You almost can get any books online fast as you like, for this convenient reason, you can vote the E-book to answer this question.

 hardcover paper book

As a designer, I think you’ll have the same feeling on this: You no need to write a book with TextEdit, make the layout with InDesign, choose the OpenType fonts, then printing, binding, and selling it on the bookstore.


When you look back on the paper books on your own bookshelf, will you hesitate on making the decision to give the answers to the above question?


You’ll not see the book covers on the E-books, you’ll see chapter one directly. And you don’t know how thick is this book.


You favorite books was stored at the website, but not in your bookshelf. You look like renting a book, but not owning it.

 paper books

The life of reading books in a library or a bookstore has gone away. you’ll lie on your bed or sitting on the metro while reading books now.


Will you ever stop reading the E-book and pick up your paper books in future ?


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Paper books printing process


1. We’ll make the printing proof for your checking before printing.

2. We’ll start printing after proof is confirmed.

3. Inspect the printing quality and choose the quality printed sheets for next step.

4.We’ll fold the inner pages on our folding machines. Meanwhile, we’ll also make the book covers.

5. We’ll bind the inner pages onto the book covers.

6. Inspect the quality of the finished books.

7. Use the strong corrugated export cartons for packing the books.